Hi! I am Diana. The blogger behind “Gwilda” and the writer behind the imaginative Land of Nott. In this new blog series I want to share with you a few words about myself and an update on what I am up to. Now here is the bit about me…

Food? Brunches with maple syrup.
Colour? Blue.
Gift? Anything DIY-ed.
Snail mail? I am a big supporter of this movement.
Favourite province of the week? The Far Away North.
Favourite character? (of all time!) Mr. Black.

And here is the bit about what I am up to…

In 2013 I have published three very raw chapters of Beyond The Rim on Wattpad. I am currently in a process of rewriting the chapters with new structure and emphasis. I am contemplating on renaming the first novel and possibly getting rid of the main character altogether. Haven’t decided who to replace Mary with and if she should be replaced. Also
, I am continuing with my story a day project. Writing down one story a day re: Land of Nott in one of my notebooks. Possibly I will share one of the stories on the blog. I am thinking of one about the Far Away North. Roger out.

P.S. While traveling the realms of the Land of Nott, I was able to escape the long and tedious hours of portraiture posing for the retired royal painter Ms. Tom. Only to be captured on a whim by a traveler explorer Vadim (Tipa Graphic).


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